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The Revealed Mystery

By John Thomas, M.D.



Because the word "Jehovah" is an admitted corruption by Hebrew Scholars (See definition of Jehovah in Webster's Third New International Dictionary, page 1213), and did not exist before 1520, as Rotherham points out on page 24 of his "Introduction" to The Emphasized Bible, and since "Jehovah" is acknowledged as a "...scholarly transliteration of the Hebrew tetragrammaton..." Webster's Third New International Dictionary, page 2646 (See pages 22-29 of the "Introduction" by Rotherham to his Emphasized Bible.), we have substituted Yahweh for every occurence of Jehovah in this on-line edition. Further, we feel that this is a practical application of our brother's, Dr. John Thomas', own explanation of these terms in such works as "Eureka," Vol. 1, pages 93, 99-100 (pocket edition) and "Phanerosis," page 57 (Logos edition).

The word "church" where used has been replaced with the Scripturally accurate transliteration "ecclesia." This change has been carried out for we feel it is the practical application and logical extension of the explanations that occur in such standard Christadelphian works as, "Eureka", Vol. 1, pages 119-123, 165, 191-192, 222-223, 324, 450; Vol. 2, pages 73-74, 219, 285-287, 297, 352-354, 388, 392; Vol. 3, pages 72-75, (pocket edition) by Dr. John Thomas, Christendom Astray, page 453 of the unabridged editio by Robert Roberts.

Julio B. Scaramastro
June, 1984, booklet edition






The Bible is the most difficult of all books to understand.

First, because the Old Testament division of it contains "The Hidden Wisdom of the Deity in a Mystery," and mysteries are not self-evident;

Secondly, because "it is the glory of the Deity to conceal a thing," that it may be searched out by the honorable and noble-minded;

And thirdly, it is difficult of comprehension by the multitude, because their eyes are closed, their ears are hard of hearing, and their hearts are made gross, by the morbid influence of the "strong delusion" entailed upon them, which, as a veil upon the face of all nations, prevents the light of revelation from shining into them.

Into the hidden wisdom of the Old Testament both prophets and angels desired to look; but they were unable to lift the veil (1 Peter 1:10-12). The mystery could not be successfully searched out; but was, in the wisdom of the Deity, to remain an impenetrable secret until, in His own previously-arranged and appointed times, He should think proper to make it known. The fulness of times was at length reached in the last days of the Mosaic Dispensation. In those days, now eighteen centuries [19] past, "He commanded the light to shine out of darkness into men's hearts, for illumination of the knowledge of the glory of the Deity (already extant in the prophetic writings) in the face of Jesus Christ." This Spirit-light shed its illuminating rays upon the hidden knowledge of the divine glory, through the doctrine taught by Jesus Christ and his Apostles; which they delivered to the world "not in the words that man's wisdom teacheth, but which the Holy Spirit teacheth" and which, as "the Revelation of the Mystery," they afterwards reduced to writing and transmitted to posterity, as "the New Testament of Jesus Christ."

Now, it is the design of the forty-eight articles of this "Summary" to facilitate the reader's acquisition of the knowledge of The Revealed Mystery, in the exposition of which the Lord Jesus was crucified; and the Apostles lost liberty and life. The great cost at which this enlightening doctrine was made to shine, shows that it was considered by the best and wisest of men, "more to be desired than gold-yea, than much fine gold." The reader is, therefore, invited to an unprejudiced study of the invaluable system of divine truth outlined in the propositions and proofs of this pamphlet. If he conclude to do so, the benefit will be all his own; if he unhappily refuse, no one will be injured but himself.

In the hope, then, that the reader, whether lay or clerical, may do himself the honor of, at least, endeavoring to understand the no-longer-concealed wisdom of the Deity; and that, notwithstanding the Gospel-nullifying traditions of the Laodicean apostacy, in which we have all at some time lived and moved, he may at length attain to an enlightened "acknowledgment of the Mystery of the Deity, of the Father, and of Christ; in whom are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge" and that by that obedience into which faith that works by love invariably leads an honest and good hearted enquirer after truth, he may finally become "a partaker of the inheritance of the Saints in light" the Author in aid of this earnest desire, sends this missive forth, in concert with the liberal publisher, who issues it at less than cost, as so much bread upon the waters to be gathered for the truth in days to come.


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