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BY DR. JOHN THOMAS, Logos Edition


An Exposition of the Doctrine of The Old and New Testaments

Concerning The Manifestation of the Invisible Eternal God in Human Nature



Index to the Titles of Deity
(Pages 7-20)
  By H. P. Mansfield

Foreword (Pages 3-4
Hints on Studying the Name (Pages 5-6)
Index to the Titles of Deity Analysis (Pages 21-22)
Deity Manifest In the Flesh (Page 25-29)


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Preface to Phanerosis (Pages 32-37

INTRODUCTION: The Renewing Efficacy and Importance of the Subject (Pages 38-45)

    The Transforming Efficacy of the Truth
    The Limitations of Fleshly Wisdom
    The Purpose of Divine Revelation
    Conflict Between Flesh and Spirit

The Subject Itself

God's Revelation of Himself (Pages 45-46)
The First Principle: God is One (Page 47)

Hebrew Titles of Deity (Pages 47-53)

One Deity In Multiplicity (Pages 53-59)

The Memorial Name (Pages 59-69)

Elohim Developed from the Seed of Abraham (Pages 69-75)

Yahweh Manifested In A Son (Pages 75-78)

What Moses Taught Concerning The Christ (Pages 78-80)
>David's Expectations Of The Messiah (Pages 80-84)
Belief The Basis of God-Manifestation (Pages 84-87)

The Anointed Cherub (Pages 87-94)

Yahweh Manifested In Cherubim (Pages 94-102)

Angelic Supervision Of World Events (Pages 102-104)

"The Man of the One" (Pages 104-106)
"Clothed In Linen"
(Page 106)

"Girded With Fine Gold of Uphaz"
(Pages 106-107)

"His Body Was Like the Beryl"
(Pages 107-109)

"His Face as the Appearance of Lightning"
(Pages 109-114)

"His Eyes as Lamps of Fire"
(Pages 114-117)

The Man of the One Spirit--"His Arms"
(Pages 117-118)

And At His Feet As the Aspect of Glowing Brass
(Pages 118-126)

"And the Voice of His Words as the Voice of a Multitude"
(Page 126)

Daniel's Symbolical Death and Resurrection
(Page 127)

"Michael One of the Chief Princes"
(Page 128)

Michael the Great Prince
(Pages 128-132)

Summary (Page 132)
(Pages 133-140)

Deity Manifest In The Flesh
This article is from the pen of the late Bro. C.C. Walker which appeared in "The Christadelphian" at the time Bro. Thomas' chart was republished.

The object aimed at in the whole work of God in the earth is that no flesh should glory in His sight (1 Cor. 1:29-31; Rom. 3:19-26). This revealed principle of divine action necessitates this doctrine of God-manifestation in Christ, which is unpalatable to carnal minds; for unless God were the worker by and through and in Christ, the glory would be to a mere man, and, therefore, to the flesh. But God has expressly excluded the flesh from all glorying in the case. God in Christ; and Christ in us is the process by which the outworking of this glorious and elevating subject is revealed. In will (Luke 22:42), in word (John 7:16), and in character (John 14:9) the Lord was the manifestation of the Father, and that Divine apocalypse has now been clothed upon and preserved in a nature that is equally divine (2 Pet. 1:4). Let us permit the Word to so mould us (John 17:17) that there is built into our lives the Divine characteristics that were revealed in that of the Lord Jesus, and we, too, will attain unto the fulness of the glory of Yahweh (Rom. 5:2; Col. 2:9-10). To that end, we must allow God to work in us, "both to will and to do of His good pleasure" (Phil. 2:13). That is the doctrine of God-manifestation.