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Sixth Edition, 1915
By Dr. John Thomas (first edition written 1861)



Chapter 17

2. The Great Harlot


The most disgusting of womankind is chosen by the Spirit, as representative of the Ecclesiastical System in doctrine, institutions, and practice, approved and cherished by the peoples of Europe. It is compared to a drunken murderess and prostitute intoxicated with the blood of the holy and the faithful; whom she has destroyed by thousands and tens of thousands, for what she blasphemously styles 'Heresy". Her doctrine is represented by "a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornications," which "all nations have drunk of;" and have consequently all been "made drunk". Such is the Apocalyptic view of "Christendom," so called its spiritual guides, its rulers, its politicians, and its peoples, all made drunk by blasphemous and filthy doctrine and superstition.

The Ecclesiastical Polity of Europe represented by this strumpet is imperial. This characteristic is indicated by the purple and scarlet with which she is arrayed; and the gold and precious stones, and pearls, with which she is bedecked. These colors and baubles are the decorations with which her officials, styled the "princes of the church," are distinguished and bedizzened. This Body of Antichrist essentially opposed to, and destructive of the Body of Christ, is apocalyptically labeled upon her shameless forehead, "Mystery, Babylon the Great, the Mother of Harlots, and the Abominations of the Earth". "MYSTERY" is the inscription that used to be worn as engraved upon the Pope's tiara, or triple crown; but removed by Julius III., when it came to attract Protestant attention as evidence that the wearer was no other than Antichrist - the Name of Blasphemy upon the Seven Heads(t). Elliott, a son of one of the Harlots, and a grandson of their "Mother," remarks, that "the apocalyptic title, 'Mother of the Harlots and of the Abominations of the Earth, is the very parody of the title Rome arrogates to herself "ROME, MOTHER, AND MISTRESS'." The words of the Tridentine Council are "Romana Ecciesia, quw omnium Ecciesiarum Mater est et Magistra"

- "the Roman Church which is the Mother and Mistress of all the Churches". Whence the common phrase "Our Holy Mother the Church".

Such is the Name Apocalyptically inscribed on the forefront of the Ecclesiastical Polity of Europe in allusion to the practice of some notorious prostitutes, who had their names written on a label upon their foreheads, as may be collected from ancient authors. The Great Harlot is notorious, and recognized as the Ecclesiastical Mother by all the world. But, she being the Mother, who are her Daughters? These are as easily discerned as the Mother herself. The Protestant State Churches are "the Harlots;" and the Dissenting, or Nonconformist, "Names and Denominations," are "the Abominations of the Earth". The genealogy of all of them is traceable to Rome; with whose dogmas they have more accord than with the principles of the doctrine of Christ. The Harlots and the Abominations are "the Names of Blasphemy," of which the Beast is said to be "full".(*) They are all injurious to, and subversive of, "the truth as it is in Jesus;" which the following general outline and summary of the fiction they inculcate will sufficiently prove to all who are intelligent in the Truth.




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