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Sixth Edition, 1915
By Dr. John Thomas (first edition written 1861)



Chapter 17

1. The Wilderness



Hence, in a vision, John was conducted away into a wilderness. The angel invited him to "come along," and he went. They travelled to-gether, so to speak, until they came into a wilderness - into what was a wilderness in his day, inhabited by wild and ferocious peoples, not at that time included within the limits of the Roman Habitable. It is no longer an untamed forest, peopled by roving savages; but a highly cultivated region, abounding in cities, towns, and villages, full of riches, and people of education and polish. Nevertheless, in a Scriptural sense, it continues to be a wilderness. Its educated and refined peoples of all classes, from prince to peasant, are wonderers after the Beast, and "intoxicated with the wine of the fornication of the Great Harlot". This is the great German, or Magogian, Wilderness, which in after ages came to be subject to the spiritual empire of the Harlot of the Seven Hills; and known in history as "THE HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE". The wilderness is coextensive with this dominion. Wherever the authority of the Great Harlot is recognized and supported by the States of Europe, there is the Wilderness in the largest sense of the word.

In this wilderness, uncultivated by gospel truth, John saw the heads, horns, and body of the Scarlet Beast; full of Names of Blasphemy: and an intoxicated prostitute sitting upon it. All this was seen in the wilderness; therefore the Wilderness, the Beast, and the Woman, may be regarded as parts of a great whole, the western, or Latin, section of the Laodicean Apostasy, Apocalyptically styled, “the Great City".





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