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Sixth Edition, 1915
By Dr. John Thomas (first edition written 1861)



Chapter 17

3. The Wine of the Harlot's Fornication



"All the nations have drunk of the wine of the raging of her fornication," contained in "the Golden Cup, full of its abominations and filthiness".


The goblet presented to the lips of the people by their spiritual cup-bearers contains the following intoxicating ingredients, styled by an apostle "Damnable Heresies".

      1. That the priests and parsons of "Christendom," so called are the"divinely called and sent ambassadors of Jesus Christ".
      2. These "Ministers of Satan," or "Spirituals of Wickedness", styling themselves "Successors of the Apostles" (2 Cor. 11:14-15; Rev. 2:2) unscripturally affirm, that men are all born into the world with "souls" in their mortal bodies; and that these souls are incorruptible and deathless particles of the Divine Essence.
      3. That these "immortal souls" are the subjects of spiritual cure; and that the clergy of all orders have been "called of the Deity as Aaron was," to cure the souls with the "divinity" they preach.
      4. That "immortal souls" of every age, at death, go, according to "the Mother of the Harlots," to purgatory, over which she has control; but according to the ''Harlots'' and ''the "Abominations" to ''hell,'' the locality of which they know nothing about: or, if pious or repentant, direct to "heaven beyond the realms of time and space;" which is equivalent to nowhere!
      5. In its practical application in the "cure of souls", their "divinity" teaches, that a man may be the most disgusting wretch that ever cursed society, yet he may be saved in "kingdoms beyond the skies," by the "consolations of religion" ministered by them in the article of death! (1 John 3:15). They hang men because society will not tolerate them; and send them to "heaven" from the scaffold to associate with saints and angels!
      6. In speaking of the death of the soul, which they term a "never-dying soul," they teach that death is not death; but only a change in the mode of said "soul's" existence!
      7. These "Grinders of Divinity" absurdly affirm, that when new-born babes and children die, their "precious immortal souls" become winged angels in heaven, and guardian spirits to their friends on earth!
      8. They teach, that, when sprinkled, or poured upon at the font by a priest or parson, and signed with "the Sign of the Cross" (which is "the Sign of the Beast" Rev. 13:16; 14:9,10), an infant is "regenerated by the Holy Spirit. and incorporated into his Holy Church!"
      9. These traders in souls (Rev. 18:13) lyingly affirm that sprinkling or pouring is baptism. To affirm this is either the grossest ignorance, or inveterate untruthfulness. They ought to know that there is but "ONE BAPTISM;" and that nothing else is that baptism, but the immersion in water of an intelligent believer of "the truth as it is in Jesus".
      10. These "Names of Blasphemy" affirm that sinners are "justified by faith alone;" that is, by faith in what they approve. Justification by faith alone is the dogma of "the Harlots" in opposition to the theory of their Mother Rome; but, in view of James 2:24,26, which declares the contrary, it is manifestly false.
      11. Some of them say, that "all men will be saved," not omitting Judas; others, only "the elect of the Calvinian type.
      12. Nearly all the Great Harlot's Family teach, and profess to believe, that there is a personal, black, IMMORTAL DEVIL, with horns, hoofs, and tail, who is omnipresent, and almost omnipotent; and the tormentor of "never-dying souls" eternally in hell, where he resides, and is enthroned; and that wherever it may be, it is a furnace of material fire burning with brimstone; and that, at the last day, said "never-dying souls" will be raised from death to judgment!
      13. The drunken winebibbers of the Great Harlot's cup in their intoxication, send "immortal souls" to heaven or hell, and thousands of years after bring them back to be invested with bodies, and judged therein, and then send them whence they came, there to remain for ever! This they call resurrection and judgment!
      14. Other theorists, intoxicated with the Babylonian wine, say, that there is no judgment for what they term "the saints," after death (Heb. 9:27); that they are giving account of themselves at the Judgment Seat of Christ now, and that at death the account closes; and that the decision of their case consists in their projection from the grave immortal!
      15. The "divines" of the Harlot Family teach that the first day of the week, called Sunday, is the Sabbath, and hallowed by the Mosaic Law! - a tradition worthy of the blind leaders of the blind.
      16. Instead of preaching "good will among men," they set them by the ears, and excite them to mutual destruction by war, in the name of "patriotism" and religion.
      17. These ingredients of Rome's golden cup, imbibed by all alike, being their premises, the State and Nonconformist Spirituals inculcate "a spirit," and preach "a Jesus" and "a gospel" which the apostles of Christ did not preach, and which therefore convicts them of being the ACCURSED HIERARCHY OF SATAN - the manifested officials of Mystery, Babylon the Great, the Mother of the Harlots, and of the Abominations of the Earth" (2 Cor. 11:4; Gal. 1:6-9; Rev. 17:5).




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