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Headcovering: Letter to the Editor
The Christadelphian Magazine, July 1983
Sis. Iris Clarke




Dear Brother Nicholls,

My husband and I have become more and more perturbed over the years over the number of sisters who do not cover their heads at various meetings. Paul's instructions in 1 Corinthians 11 surely do not refer to just the Memorial Service but any time. We are taught, sisters, that by covering our heads, we show reverence to our husbands, if we are married, and at all times to the head of us all, even Jesus Christ our Lord, as well as to the other brethren.

An unexpected way of preaching the Gospel arose at our campaign last year when a gentleman who came to an evening address remarked on the fact that all the women, young and old, had their heads covered and asked if it was a new fashion.

For many years my conscience troubled me from time to time for I believed sisters (and of course brethren) should be ready to pray and prophesy (and we understand that to mean "forth-tell" the Scriptures) at all times. Last year, on our campaign, after discussing it with two young brethren and then my husband, I began to wear a head-covering at all times. After a while I had second thoughts for various reasons and left it off at home, but through a variety of incidents one weekend I was led to my former conviction; but this is my own conviction to wear it continually.

Your sister in Israel's Hope,

Newton-le-Willows. IRIS CLARKE


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