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Available Portable Document Format (PDF) Files


Green Hymnbook

Scripture References for Hymns in the Christadelphian Hymn Book (2002)

The Coming Antichrist: Jesus of Nazareth?

Part One A Tragic Case of Mistaken Identity? (28k)
Part Two: A Study of a Key Prophecy: Daniel's Prophecy of the Seventy Weeks
Part Three: The Modern Origin of Current Views About Antichrist

Large volumes have been broken up into smaller downloads

Elpis Israel

Elpis Israel Reading Plan.pdf (104KB)

Elpis Israel. pdf (11.33MB)

Elpis Israel_1. pdf (5.87MB)

Elpis Israel_2. pdf (5.46MB)

Elpis Israel Index

Diary Reading Plan

Eureka Plan 1.pdf (100KB)

Eureka Plan 2.pdf (  93KB)

Eureka Plan 3.pdf (134 KB)

Eureka Plan 4. pdf (116KB)

*Eureka Vol 1.pdf (13.2 MB)

Eureka Vol 1_1.pdf (4.5 MB)

Eureka Vol 1_2.pdf (4.62 MB)

Eureka Vol 1_3.pdf (4.4 MB)


Eureka Vol 2.pdf (11.8 mb)

Eureka Vol 2_1.pdf (3.8 mb)

Eureka Vol 2_2.pdf (4.2 mb)

Eureka Vol 2_3.pdf (3.9 mb)

Eureka Vol 3.pdf (21.3mb)

Eureka Vol 3_1.pdf (3.5 mb)

Eureka Vol 3_2.pdf (3.5 mb)

Eureka Vol 3_3a.pdf (2.7mb)

Eureka Vol 3_3b.pdf (817kb)

Eureka Vol 3_3c.pdf (343kb)

Eureka Vol 4.pdf (12.1 mb)

Eureka Vol 4_1a.pdf (1.9 mb)

Eureka Vol 4_1b.pdf (2.4 mb)

Eureka Vol 4_2.pdf (4.1 mb)

Eureka Vol 4_3.pdf (3.7 mb)

Eureka Vol 5.pdf (11.2 mb)

Eureka Vol 5_1.pdf (3.9 mb)

Eureka Vol 5_2.pdf (4.1 mb)

Eureka Vol 5_3.pdf (3.2 mb)

Green Hymnbook Text

Green Hymnbook full (20.5 mb)

Green Hymnbook Part 1

Green Hymnbook Part 2

Green Hymnbook Part 3

Green Hymn with cords

Music for green hymn book Mp3's. These are large .zip files

1 to 75

76 to 150

151 to 225

226 to 300

301 to 375

376 to 438

all hymns music [577 mb] Most downloads of this large file fail

Download all music for black Hymn book The History Of The Doctrine of The Trinity
(Bro. Rene Growcott)
Part One (28k); Part Two (32k); Part Three (44k)
 The Origin of Christ-Mass: Catholic-Paganism 40k Letters Refuting Trinitarian Beliefs
(Bro. J.B. Scaramastro)
Letter #1; Letter #2; Letter #3
The Great Mystery, 1904 Edition of Elpis Israel 12k

Odology (3 articles): Dr Thomas' word taken from logos (a discourse) and od (life force)
Strong Delusion; or Modern Spiritualism in the Light of Science and Scripture;
Theological Mesmerism, Witchcraft Revived Anew;
Table Tappings Not Spirit Rappings  

Chart On Devil(s) Usage in Bible 12k  Nazareth Re-Visited

by Robert Roberts

 What First Century Christians Believed
The Sect Everywhere Spoken Against 40k
Where Is The Promise of His Coming? 16k

The Evil One The Bible Teaching on Satan and the Devil 64k

Let Her Be Covered  R. Abel

Dr Thomas His Life and Works by Robert Roberts

 Man In Society
Includes the "Constitution Of the Royal Association Of Believers In New York".
Written in 1854 by Bro. John Thomas, Herald of the Kingdom and Age To Come

1883 Ecclesial Guide

From 1904 Elpis Israel: A GREAT MYSTERY .PDF




Be ye Transformed Vol 1

Be ye Transformed Vol 2

Be ye Transformed Vol 3

Bible Companion.pdf

Bible_Companion.xls (Excel)

Christadelphian Bible Study.pdf

Christadelphian Answers

Christadelphian Facts

Christadelphian Treasury

Christadelphianism of God or Men?


Christ-Mass: Catholic-Paganism




Daniel 8.pdf

Devil Chart.pdf

Division of the Land.pdf

Dr. Thomas Life and Works.pdf

Doctrine of The Trinity 1.pdf

Doctrine of The Trinity 2.pdf

Doctrine of The Trinity 3.pdf

Doctrines we reject.pdf

Elpis Israel. pdf

Elpis Israel part 1. pdf

Elpis Israel part 2. pdf

Index to Elpis Israel

Eureka Vol 1.pdf

Eureka Vol 2.pdf

Eureka Vol 3.pdf

Eureka Vol 4.pdf

Eureka Vol 5.pdf

see list above for smaller files


Evil One.pdf




Faith in the Last Days

Gospel in Song--Handel's Messiah


Let Her Be Covered

Letters to the Elect in Times of Trouble.pdf



My Days and My Ways.pdf

Nazareth Re-Visited.pdf



The Book of Revelation: An Appeal for Right Understanding.pdf

Book of Ruth_chart.pdf

Scriptural Principles Governing Controversy

Sect Everywhere Spoken Against.pdf

Search Me O God.pdf



The Slain Lamb.pdf

Sources English Bible.pdf

Statement of faith

Temptation of Christ.pdf

The Mosaic Calender

The Visible Hand of God.pdf

The Ways of Providence.pdf

Where Is The Promise of His Coming .pdf