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First Line Black Book
A great high priest is come
A rose shall bloom in a lonely place 111
According to thy gracious word 83
After Thy loving kindness Lord 1
All hail the power of Jesus name 99
All people that on earth do dwell 2
All-powerful self-existent God 37
Almighty, Maker of our frame 135
Amen, blessing and glory and wisdom
anthem 24
Arm of the Lord awake! Awake 135
Around Thy table, Lord, we meet 185
Awake, awake put on thy strength
anthem 28
Awake, awake Zion Awake 134
Be careful for nothing the Lord is at hand 174
Be merciful to me O God 3
Begone, unbelief our Saviour is near 151
Behold he comes 86
Behold how good 4
Behold my servant 65
Behold the amazing 158a
Behold, the mountain 112
Be patient, brethren anthem 17
Behold, I show you
anthem 25
Behold the Lamb
anthem 22
Beyond where Kedron's 69
Blessed are they 5
Blessed and holy
anthem 8
Blessed are the people anthem 29
Blessed are those servants
anthem 23
Blessed be Jehovah
anthem 20
Bless'd be Jehovah 147
Blow ye the trumpet 123
Brethren, let us walk together 161
Brief life is now our portion 154
By Christ redeemed by Christ restored 84
Cast thy burden on the Lord
anthem 43
Change is our portion 139
Christ our Passover anthem 7
Come, let us anew our journey persue 162
Come, Lord, and tarry not 8
Come, thou glorious day of promise 124
Come thou long expected 88
Come unto me anthem 26
Daughter of Zion awake 126
Daughter of Zion from 125
Dreary and dark our way 92a
Earth to earth 145
Erect your heads
anthem 41
Eternal God, Thou only 7
Everlasting; changing 38
Exalt, O God 100
Father and Friend 39
Father of Faithful 116
Father of Lights 179
Father Supreme 61
Father, we Thy children 153
Few in number, little 178
For evil doers fret thou not 6
For Zion's sake I will 127
From Zion shall Thy 8
Give praise and thanks 9
Glory and blessing 59
God be merciful
anthem 14
God is love 46
God is my strong salvation 53
God is our refuge 10
God's law is perfect 12
Great and glorious
anthem 44
Great God of Abram 128
Great God we sing 48
Great God we own 148
Great God whose universal 101
Hail to the brightness 113
Hail to the Lord's anointed 103
Hallelujah, raise, Oh 40
Hallelujah, Yahweh's 14
Hark, ten thousand 104
Hark, the song of 102
Hark, 'tis the watchman's 163
Hark, what mean 66
Hear, hear, O earth 133
Hear what God the 129
Heavenly Father, to whose 62
Help, Lord because 13
His kingdom comes 107
Holy, holy anthem 16
Hot ye that thirst 165
How beautiful upon the anthem 12
How few receive 70
How long, O Lord 89
How still and peaceful 141
I know that my Redeemer lives 149
I Know That My Redeemer liveth anthem 18
If thou but suffer God 56
Inspirer of the ancient 136
I will extol Thee
anthem 32
Jehovah dwells alone 160
Jehovah full of grace 131
Jehovah reigns, He 15
Jesus lives: no longer 72
Jesus shall reign 171
Jesus thou sun 76
Joy cometh, Oh that 90
Let all the world rejoice 177
Let him that heareth 167
Life is the time 142
Lift now your voice 91
Light of them that sit 175
Low he comes, the king 105
Long hath the night 155
Look ye saints 93
Lord, dismiss us 63
Lord Jesus, come, for 94
Lord, pity' us, behold 16
Lord. Thee I'll praise 17
Lord, Thee, my God 18
Lord, thou hast been 19
Lord, thou hast searched 41
Lord, Thy death and resurrection 178
Lord we wait the time 79
Lov'd of God in sorrow 156
Most glorious things 166
My life's a shade 150
Naked as from 140
Not to the hills 21
Now let our humble 77
Now may He 168
O blessed are the eyes 92
O blessed is the man 22
O children, hither 23
O God who didst 137
O happy is the man 158b
O house of Jacob 117
O how love I thy law 24
O Lord above 183
O Lord, thou art my 26
O Lord, thy judgments 25
O send thy light forth 28
O sing a new song 27
O speed thee, brother 164
O Thou everlasting 106
O Thou that hearest prayer anthem 36
O Thou to whom all 118
O Yahweh, listen 122
Oft in danger, oft 58
Oh, comfort to the dreary 157
Oh, give thanks to Him 47
Oh, how is Zion's glory 115
Oh, love the Lord anthem 30
Oh, mourn ye for Zion 119
O, praise God in his anthem 1
Oh, praise the Lord, all anthem 10
Oh, render thanks 60
Oh, weep not for the dead 176
Oh, why should Israel's 120
Oh, worship the king 42
On the mountain top 130
Our Father who art anthem 5
Our heavenly Father 64
Our Lord will come 95
Our soul waiteth for the lord anthem 34
Out of the depths anthem 38
Praise the Lord, O my soul anthem 15
Pray for the peace anthem 4
Rest in the Lord 20
Search me, O God anthem 33
See the leaves around 143
Shine mighty God 114
Short is the measure 144
Sing praise, the tomb 73
Son of God, Thy people's 96
The day Thou gavest 187
The days are quickly 182
The eyes of all things 29
The first begotten 74
The glory of the mighty 30
The heathen raged 31
The Lord bless thee anthem 19
The Lord in truth 32
The Lord is In His holy anthem 37
The Lord is King 57
The Lord is merciful anthem 42
The Lord our God 33
The Lord shall comfort anthem 2
The Lord shall inherit anthem 6
The Lord will be a refuge anthem 39
The Lord's my Shepherd 42a
The redeemed of the Lord anthem 27
The righteous shall be glad anthem 35
The Saviour comes 97
The spacious firmament 44
The true Messiah 78
The vision tarrieth not 80
The water and the blood 71
There is a calm 146
There is an hour 51
Thine, O Lord anthem 9
Thou art the way
Thou hast loved us anthem 3
Thou hidden love 52
Thou the great 43
Thou wilt perform anthem 11
Thou, O Jehovah 34
Though by sorrows 49
Thus saith God of 68
Thy goodness, Lord 50
Thy kingdom come, O Lord 108
Thy people, Lord 82
Thy way, not mine 55
To Thee I lift my soul 35
Turn us again, O Lord 36
Twas on that dark 85
Wake, awake, for night 98
Wake, harp of Zion 132
Watchman, tell us of the 81
We come, O God, to bow 172
We come, O Lord our Saviour 186
We look to Thee, O Thou Who 184
When gathering clouds 159
When shall the voice 109
When thy heart 181
When waves of sorrow roll 180
Where can we hide 45
While others crowd 170
Who is this that comes 134
Who was saved 173
Whom have I in heaven anthem 31
Why pour'st thou forth 54
Worthy the Lamb anthem 21
Yahweh Elohim anthem 40
Yahweh, give Thy 121
Yahweh remembers 11
Ye saints in Christ 158
Zion's King shall reign 110