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Thirteen Lectures On The Apocalypse  
Contents Preface Lecture 1 Lecture 2 Lecture 3
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The following lectures were reproduced from brief notes, made by several shorthand writers, during the course of their delivery. They were not delivered with a view to publication. Their publication is due to the importunities of those who heard them, and others who heard them. They were addressed, in almost a private way, to the believers of the Truth in Birmingham (known as Christadelphians), with the object defined in the few printed announcements that were issued: viz. "to make known, in a simple and colloquial manner (for the benefit particularly of believers of the Truth), the meaning of the symbols exhibited to John in the Isle of Patmos, in their bearing on the events of history and those mightier events in the near future to which they have all been leading." The lectures were delivered in the spring of 1880; and the book was published in the autumn of the same year.

The Author, in the original preface, acknowledged his great indebtedness to Dr. Thomas's Exposition of the Apocalypse, in three volumes, known as Eureka. "The publication of this volume of lectures," he said, "may serve to draw attention to that work, and to prepare the general reader for the understanding of it. In face, it may prove a stepping stone to Eureka. Some find Eureka too deep and diffuse to allow of their grasping it with the limited time for study at their disposal. It was to meet the wants of this class in Birmingham that this course of lectures was delivered."

The Author of Thirteen Lectures died in 1898.

A Second Edition of the book was issued in 1900, and a third in 1908.

A Fourth Edition is now issued in the hope that many more may be helped to understand and obey the Revelation, and to hope for the great salvation about to be revealed.

Birmingham, August, 1921.

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