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A Short Treatise On Standards For Christadelphians



We live in an age in which the value of marriage is questioned. It is even spurned as the "cage of convention", from which all would do well to be free. While this might be the view of those "who know, not God", it conflicts with Scripture from Genesis to Revelation. Marriage is a divine ordinance and the oaths undertaken are for the whole period of our life (Gen. 2:24). Therefore marriage should not be entered into hastily or unadvisedly. Few things can influence one's life as much as one's partner in marriage. A successful and happy pilgrimage is largely bound up with a wise choice of husband or wife.

The basic requisite is that one's partner be a brother or sister of Christ -- marriage must be "only in the Lord" (1 Cor. 7:39). But here care needs to be exercised, for even among the professing sons of Abraham and daughters of Sarah there are those whose hearts have a greater affinity with the world than with the Lord.

The following paragraph sounds a solemn warning:

"There remains to be considered another growing evil. This is the violation of direct example and command which has brought disappointment, unhappiness and despair into the lives of many. This is companionship, betrothal, and marriage by believers with unbelievers. Many good brethren and sisters have wrecked their course to the kingdom upon this shoal, and, like the rich man in Hades, would have it testified lest their brethren should fall into the same error and terror. Strict regard to the requirements of God will prevent both. Too much confidence in promises made by the unbelieving companion; too much hope in the assurance of later acceptance of the truth, have caused many to become unequally yoked in marriage. The result, instead of joy, has been abiding regret that the experience of other brethren, and the examples of Israel, did not serve as a loud warning against the intention to enter life's union under unequal and unholy conditions. Therefore, it is necessary to raise the alarm to those who are in this manner consorting with unbelievers. Necessary too, that brethren who have been entrusted with the care of the ecclesias, like faithful stewards, should 'cry aloud and spare not' in exhibiting this violation of Divine requirement. 'Only in the Lord' is the essential condition for companionship and marriage of those in the Divine family. From this condition there is no escape, and although violation of it may bring, and has brought, its penalties, it behoves those 'who watch for their souls as those who shall give account' to make it clear by precept and example that God has declared our duty even in this matter."

("For Christ's Sake" by Bro. C. P. Wauchope - pages 10- 11).