Last Updated on : November 23, 2014

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A Short Treatise On Standards For Christadelphians

Family Life


Family life is weakened by the intrusion of television in the home. Communication, so necessary between the members of a family, is replaced and the bonds which hold the family together are broken one by one.

In an age where our children are being taken from our arms and indoctrinated with the "wisdom of this world", faithful parents must take positive steps to ensure that their children are "nourished in the discipline and instruction of the Lord" (Eph. 6:4 R.S.V.(cp. Roth.). The world condemns parents who implant in the minds of their children, the Bible's principles as absolute truth. We are being told that children belong to "the future" and we should not therefore influence them, but allow them to make up their own minds! We need to be on our guard against such pernicious ideas. Rather we should shoulder the responsibilities of parenthood and devote time and energy to the spiritual well-being of our little ones. Early impressions and instruction are deep and enduring.

All too often these duties are neglected. Then parents wonder why their children are uncontrollable when the time of adolescence comes. Parents must SPEND TIME SPEAKING TO THEIR CHILDREN. In this way they will find out their thoughts and opinions on the various happenings of life. They should
endeavour to teach them God's standards, so that the children can view the world as if through His eyes.

Our children are not our own but God's. They are the "heritage of the LORD", given to us as a sacred trust to bring up in His ways (Psa. 127:3; Ezek. 16:20). Israel was commanded by law to teach their children the ways of God (Deut. 6:7-9; Psa. 78:3-7), and so are we. But, alas, to often this responsibility is neglected and left to others, with disastrous results.

There are certain measures which can be taken to ensure the best results. It is not possible to guarantee success every time, but it is always right to try.

Families should be guided by the father who should take his rightful place as spiritual head of the house. He must instruct, both by word and example. There is no more convincing proof of profession than faithful example. Children are quick to seize on inconsistencies in order to justify themselves. Parents must practise what they preach.

The family should eat together whenever possible and certainly at the evening meal. There the day's happenings can be aired and the judgment of the parents made known for the edification of the young. In this way, day by day and year by year, Christ's values will become their values. So they will be prepared, in due course, for the responsibilities of baptism.

The daily readings should be done. This is not always easy in a busy household or where the children are young, but the advantages vastly outweigh the disadvantages. Reverence for the teaching of the Word and for its faithful examples from the past, can be carefully impressed upon our children as the daily reading chart brings them before our attention. The central position given in our families to the Word of God and the daily respect for its laws are perhaps the best way of nurturing our children in the "discipline and instruction of the Lord". Often we can relate items in the daily readings to the events of the day. The teachings of Scripture can be used to answer decisively the moral questions which prompt themselves in the minds of our children - questions which frequently are given an incorrect answer at school.