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Section 4. The Apocalyptic Temple"

Eureka, Volume 2 p 375-374 (Logos edition)

Tabernacle of the Testimony, the Nave and the e Pluribus Unum

Though this is especially affirmed of the Holy City, it is also affirmable of the Nave 1; for the glorified saints who constitute the one also constitute the other. But, in respect to the saints in their relation to Deity, the Nave, as distinct from the Holy City, no longer obtains. While judgment is being executed by the saints, as the Most Holy smoking with wrath, the Kingdom is being set up; when this is established, the smoking Nave becomes quiescent, 2 and the Holy City is apocalypsed in all its glory. I saw no Nave therein," says John. lf he had seen a nave in the Holy City, he would have seen a community higher in dignity, glory, honor, and nature, as the peculiar habitation of the Father, than the Holy Municipality constituted of the Lamb and his Bride, the saints glorified together with him (Rom. 8:17,32). He saw "no nave therein," for Jesus and his Brethren glorified are the incorporation of the Spirit of the Father, between whom and them there are no intermediates in whom he dwells. Between him and the Tabernacle of the Testimony there is intermediation, because the Nave is not yet opened in the apocalyptic heaven, and that intermediate personage is the Forerunner into the Nave-state, even the Lord Jesus; but when the Forerunner and the runners after him shall meet in the glorious Nave-Convention, all intermediation between them and the Father will have been done away, and he will be epi panton, kai dia panton, kai en pas in, "over all, and through all, and in all," or ta panta en pasin, "the all things in all" (Eph. 4:6; 1 Cor. 15:28); so that this "all" will be a DIVINE UNITY, or Deity manifested in Flesh, justified or perfected by spirit. This is the great, glorious, and omnipotent "e Pluribus Unum 3" of the apocalypse- a Nave or Unum, constituted of a Multitude "which no man can number."  lt is in direct and intimate union with the Deity, as Jesus is at the present time. Between the Father and Son there is no intermediate, neither will there be between the Father and all his Sons - Jesus and his Brethren- when the Nave is "opened in the heaven."


1. nave: the central part of a church building, intended to accommodate most of the congregation.

2. quiescent: in a state or period of inactivity or dormancy

3. e Pluribus Unum: Latin for: out of many, one

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