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The Will of Peter The Great

"b) 9 June 1672; d) 8 February 1725 (aged 52) Ruled the Tsardom of Russia and later the Russian Empire from May 1682 until his death." Wikipedia


In which he prescribes to his successors the course which they ought to follow, in order to acquire universal dominion.

Taken From: The Herald of the Kingdom and Age to Come, Vol. 1, page 224

In the name of the most holy and indivisible Trinity, we, Peter the Great, unto all our descendants and successors to the throne and government of the Russian nation.

The All-Powerful, from whom we hold our life and our throne, after having revealed unto us his wishes and intentions, and after being our support, permits us to look upon Russia as called upon to establish her rule over all Europe. This idea is based upon the fact that all the nations of this portion of the globe are fast approaching a state of utter decrepitude.

From this it results that they can be easily conquered by a new race of people, when it has attained full power and strength. We look upon our invasion of the West and the East as a decree of Divine Providence, which has already once regenerated the Roman empire by an invasion of barbarians.

The emigration of men from the North is like the inundation of the Nile, which at certain seasons enriches with its waters the arid plains of Egypt. We found Russia a small rivulet, we leave it an immense river. Our successors will make of it an ocean, destined to fertilize the whole of Europe, if they know how to guide its waves. We leave them, then, the following instructions, which we earnestly recommend to their constant meditation:

  1. To keep the Russian nation in constant warfare, in order always to have good soldiers. Peace must only be permitted to remit the finances. To recruit the army, choose the moment favourable for attack. Thus peace will advance your projects of war, and war those of peace, for obtaining the enlargement and prosperity of Russia.
  2. Draw unto you, by all possible means, from the civilized nations of Europe, captains during war, and learned men during peace--so that Russia may benefit by the advantages of other nations.
  3. Take care to mix in the affairs of all Europe, and in particular of Germany, which, being the nearest nation to you, deserves your chief attention.
  4. Divide Poland, by raising up continual disorders and jealousies within its bosom. Gain over its rulers with gold; influence and corrupt the diet, in order to have a voice in the election of the kings. Make partizans and protect them; if neighboring powers raise objections and opposition, surmount the obstacles by stirring up discord within their countries.
  5. Take all you can from Sweden; and, to effect this, isolate her from Denmark, and vice versa. Be careful to rouse their jealousy.
  6. Marry Russian princes with German princesses; multiply these alliances; unite these interests; and, by the increase of our influence, attach Germany to our cause.
  7. Seek the alliance with England, on account of our commerce, as being the country most useful for the development of our navy (merchants, &c.) and for the exchange of our produce against her gold; keep up continued communications with her merchants and sailors, so that ours may acquire experience in commerce and navigation.
  8. Constantly extend yourselves along the shores of the Baltic and the borders of the Euxine [Black Sea].
  9. Do all in your power in approach closely Constantinople and India. Remember that he who rules over these countries is the real sovereign of the world. Keep up continued wars with Turkey and with Persia [modern day Iran]. Establish dockyards in the Black Sea. Gradually obtain the command of this sea, as well as of the Baltic. This is necessary for the entire success of our projects. Hasten the fall of Persia. Open for yourselves a route towards the Persian Gulf. Re-establish, as much as possible, by means of Syria, the ancient commerce of the Levant, and thus advance towards India. Once there, you will not require English gold.
  10. Carefully seek the alliance of Austria. Make her believe that you will second her in her projects for dominion over Germany, and secretly stir up the jealousy of other princes against her, and manage so that each be disposed to claim the assistance of Russia; and exercise over each a sort of protection, which will lead the way to future dominion over them.
  11. Make Austria drive the Turks out of Europe, and neutralize her jealousy by offering to her a portion of your conquests, which you will further on take back.
  12. Above all, recall around you the schismatic Greeks, who are spread over Hungary and Poland; become their centre and support -- as universal dominion over them, by a kind of sacerdotal rule (autocratic sacerdotal;) by this you will have many friends amongst your enemies.
  13. Sweden dismembered, Persia conquered, Poland subjugated, Turkey beaten, our armies united, the Black and Baltic Seas guarded by our vessels, prepare separately and secretly, first the court of Versailles, then that of Vienna, to share the empire of the universe with Russia. If one accept, flatter her ambition and amour-propre, and make use of one to crush the other, by engaging them in war. The result cannot be doubtful; Russia will be possessed of the whole of the East, and of a great portion of Europe.
  14. If, which is not probable, both should refuse the offer of Russia, raise a quarrel between them, and one which will ruin them both. Then Russia profiting by this decisive moment, will inundate Germany with the troops which she will have assembled beforehand. At the same time, two fleets full of soldiers will have the Baltic and the Black Sea--will advance along the Mediterranean and the Ocean, keeping France in check with one, and Germany with the other. And these two countries conquered, the remainder of the Europe will fall under our yoke.

Thus can Europe be subjugated.