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Did Christ And The Apostles Partake Of The Last Jewish Passover?
From The Story of the Bible, pages 168-190, Jan. 1969




Wednesday: Fourteenth Abib

How Jesus Viewed The Day

How The Gospel Writers Recorded the Day

The Last Days -- Tuesday, 13th of Abib and Wednesday, 14th of Abib (Chart)

Towards The Guest Chamber

A Strange Mission For Peter and John

Introduction To Supper supper.html

The Reason for The Gathering

The Lord's Introductory Comment

Washing The Apostles' Feet

In Humble Service

The Exhortation Before Communion

The Lord's Example

Self Examination self_exam.html

"Is It I?"


The Bread -- My Body

This Wine -- My Blood

The Tokens As Symbols

Paul's Explanation of Communion

Judas And The Emblems

Warning After Communion

The Betrayer Is Present!

Judas Goes Into The Night

WEDNESDAY: Fourteenth Abib