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Shall He Find Faith On The Earth?
Bro. Oscar Beauchamp

Reprinted from the Berean Commentary, April 1988



Jesus did not picture a believing world at his coming, but a world in rebellion against him. And we see today even the "Christian" elements giving only lip service to him while denying his teachings and making little or no pretences of obeying his commands.

We see church systems inseparably connected with the world and its ways -- an integral part of that godless order of things which must be removed to give place to that new and righteous order in which no place will be found for them.

And what of the Household of Faith? Is it not also true that those who have been given the blessed privilege of being called out of darkness may also contribute to the signs of the times? Christ does not picture a Household at his coming in a state of high spiritual vigor, but a Household in a state of weakness, laxity and self-satisfaction, saying,

"I am rich and increased with goods, and have need of nothing. And knowest not that thou are wretched, and poor and blind and naked."

-- spiritually blind, naked, willingly deceived; self-deluded.

The oft-repeated warnings of the Savior envision a Household the majority of which have grown worldly, deeply concerned about temporal things, but unconcerned about preserving the unity of the Faith, and keeping of the commandments of Christ.

"The love of the many (R.V.) shall wax cold."

A people in grave danger of being overcome with "Surfeiting, drunkenness (spiritual), and the cares of this life." Absorbed in temporal things; so weak in the Faith as to say:

"My Lord delayeth his coming ... smiting his fellowservants; eating and drinking with the drunken (the world)."

It is not a picture of a Household growing in spiritual strength and vigor, but a Household weak in faith, with few ready to meet Him when He comes --

"When he cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?"

Yes, we too, should beware lest we contribute to the fulfilling of this fearful sign of the times.