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Letters To The Elect Of God
In A Time of Trouble

IF (Poem)


If you can keep "the faith" when those about you
Are losing it and seeking something new;
And stand the firmer though they flout you
As being simple and old fashioned too;

If you can put your hand in Christ's, and feeling
The marks of Calvary's scars upon your palm,
Can gladly say "Amen" to all his dealing,
Or change the sigh into a joyous psalm.

If you can laugh when human hopes are banished,
When castles fall and cherished prospects die;
And just keep on, though earthly props have vanished,
Content to see the pattern by and by.

If you can meet abuse without complaining,
And greet your unkind critic with a smile,
If, conscious that your human love is waning,
You claim a Calvary love that knows no guile;

If you can bear the unjust imputation
Without reviling or revengeful thought,
And even forfeit rights and reputation,
Because His glory is the one thing sought;

If you can give an honest commendation
To him whose work looms larger than your own,
Or scorn to speak the word of condemnation
To him who falls or reaps what he has sown.

If you can give consent to Calvary's dying,
To live anew in resurrection power,
And so gain victory, not by personal trying,
But by resting in his triumph every hour;

If you can be content with His provision,
Though others seem to prosper and succeed,
Nor let repining mar the heavenly vision,
And simply trust in God for every need.

If you can let the mind of Christ possess you,
To think on "things of good report" and true;
And ever let the love of Christ obsess you,
Constraining everything you say and do;

If you can find in Him your highest treasure,
Let Him hold sway over heart and soul and limb,
Then life is yours, and blessing without measure,
And, what is more, you'll live and reign with Him.

"I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me" (Phil. 4:13).