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The Holy Spirit
And the Holy Spirit Gifts
Graham Pearce






In every generation, there seems to be a revival of the claim to possession of the Spirit Gifts, both miraculous and otherwise. There are today religious bodies that affirm that these Gifts are manifested in their assemblies; and the claim is made that they are growing numerically more rapidly than other groups that do not make such claims.

Some of this teaching has found its inroads into the Brotherhood today, justifying a re-appraisal of the Scriptural evidence.

That is attempted in this book.

The writer is not so much concerned with the claims made by other religious bodies, as those that now, are being advanced within the Brotherhood itself. He perceives a very real danger in the doctrine that proclaims that the Holy Spirit Gifts in any form are today available. He reasons logically that if the Holy Spirit, as present-day effluence from heaven, is the means provided of Yahweh to develop a character pleasing unto Him, then, obviously, the Word is unnecessary to that end. He advances strong Scriptural reasons to show that such a claim is contrary to the revealed purpose of God, and therefore to the teaching of the Word.

We ask on the part of the reader a careful, thoughtful, analytical consideration of the evidence in conjunction with the Bible itself, It will be revealed that the only form of the Holy Spirit presently available is the power of the Word to create the mind of the Spirit, or the mind of God, in the believer. Therefore, if we desire to be motivated by that influence, we must seek it in the meditative study of the Word.

This is the traditional stand adopted since the days of Brother Thomas, and maintained to the present. Every reference to the Holy Spirit contained in the Scriptures, can be interpreted in accordance with that belief, as the exposition of this book reveals. However, should the reader desire further information upon any given text of Scripture, the author or the publishers will be happy to provide it. The address of the former is 15 Yelvertoft Road, Crick, Northampton, NN6 7XS, England, Enquiries to the latter should be directed to Logos Publications, West Beach Post Office, South Australia, 5024.--

H. P. Mansfield -- March, 1975