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Christendom Astray
From The Bible

By Bro. Robert Roberts

Popular Christianity (both in Faith and Practice),
Shown to be Unscriptural ;
And the True Nature of the Ancient Apostolic Faith Exhibited.




Preface to the Edition of 1884


Lecture 1: The Bible--What it is, and how to interpret it

Lecture 2: Human Nature Essentially Mortal, as proved by Nature and Revelation

Lecture 3: The Dead Unconscious till the Resurrection, and consequent error of popular belief in heaven and hell

Lecture 4: Immortality a conditional gift to be bestowed at the Resurrection

Lecture 5: Judgment to come; the dispensation of Divine awards to responsible classes at the return of Christ

Lecture 6: God, Angels, Jesus Christ, and the Crucifixion

Lecture 7: The Devil not a personal supernatural being, but the scriptural personification of sin in its manifestations among men

Lecture 8: The Kingdom of God not yet in existence, but to be established visibly on the earth at a future day

Lecture 9: The Promises made to the Fathers (Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob), yet to be fulfilled in the setting up of the Kingdom of God upon earth

Lecture 10: The Kingdom of God the Final Instrumentality in the great scheme of human redemption

Lecture 11: Christ the Future King of the World

Lecture 12: The Covenant made with David to be realised in the reestablishment of the Kingdom of Israel under Christ

Lecture 13: The Second Coming of Christ the only Christian Hope

Lecture 14: The Hope of Israel, or, the Restoration of the Jews, a part of the divine scheme, and an element of the Gospel

Lecture 15: Coming troubles and the Second Advent

Lecture 16: Times and Signs: or the evidence that the end is near

Lecture 17: The Refuge from the Storm: or, "What Must I Do to Be Saved ?"

Lecture 18: The Ways of Christendom inconsistent with the Commandments of Christ