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Brethren In Christ

The One And Only Christ
Lecture Notes of a Hungarian Brother



Christ gives first place, honour and worship to God his Father. He teaches that all believers should know who he is and what are the benefits of his coming into this world.

He testifies that he was sent by his Father into this world so that we might not perish but that through him we might find salvation, according to the angelic saying: "thou shalt call his name Jesus, for he shall save his people from their sins". He has also been anointed, full of the Holy Spirit, that he might be our King and Priest. The full weight of the gospel rests upon our believing that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and faithfully confessing our hope of everlasting life.

Let us consider two things: first, the kind of expressions used in the Holy Scripture concerning the Son of God, especially


those which are used neither of the Father nor of the Holy Spirit; and secondly, in what manner this Christ was sent, as distinct from that which antichrist introduced into the 'holy mother church'.

The first expression by which the Son is shown to be different from the Father is that the Father sent him, as in John 1: 14 and 3:16. Next He called him His own, as in Romans 8:32. He was conceived by the Holy Spirit, Luke 1:35, Matthew 1:20. He was made of a woman, Galatians 4:4. He was made of the seed of David, Romans 1:3. He was foreordained, I Peter 1:20. He was promised, Genesis 3:15, Romans 1: 1, 2. He was chosen by God, I Peter 2:6. He was sealed by the Father, John 6:27. He was given to us by God, Acts 10:38. He was raised up by God from death, Acts 2:24. He was glorified by God, Acts 3:13. He was exalted by God, Acts 2:33. He was given life by God, John 5:26. God gave him honour and glory, 1 Peter 1:21. God gave him the Holy Spirit, John 3:34. God gave him power, Matthew 28:18. God gave him a name above every name, Philippians 2:9. God has ordained him to be Judge of living and dead, Acts 10:42. God has made him the corner stone, 1 Peter 2:6. God has made him unto us wisdom and righteousness, 1 Corinthians 1:30.

None of the above expressions is in any way appropriate to the invisible God, whose Son Jesus is the living, express image of his Father. Because that One God of Israel -- Abraham, Isaac and Jacob's God -- was never conceived, neither born, nor was ordained of any one, chosen of no one, neither sanctified, nor anointed, nor exalted by anyone else, and took nothing of anyone, He cannot be a mediator, He has no God, nor one who is His head.

Jesus of Nazareth has the keys of death and hell, because unto him all power in heaven and earth has been given, and a name above every name. If we would witness for the Truth, and bring benefit for ourselves, then we will draw away from this Babylonish chaos which Antichrist brought in, by which the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are identified as the one and the same God. This one and only Christ who was sent to us, Antichrist took out of our hands, that we should not recognize his true character, and made nothing of our only mediator. Many great and dangerous notions were brought into the 'mother


church' and it did not seem a great thing to deprive this Jesus, our only Redeemer, of his worthiness and victory, and to lead away the Christians to another gospel and raise up many false saints and mediators.

Contrast the teaching of Scripture concerning the true Christ, the only Son of God, with the so-called wisdom created by Antichrist, which resists the Word of God.

Antichrist confesses that Jesus Christ is not truly begotten of God, but is himself true God. It does not confess that the beloved Son of God is of the seed of David, but from the beginning was of the very substance of God, His 'Son' before all worlds. It confesses that this Son of God did not originate, for they sing Patrem Genitum non factum ('begotten but not made'); this is against Paul's teaching in Galatians 4:4. It confesses that this Son of God could not have been promised or given, sanctified or anointed, raised up or glorified, since all of these were his from all eternity. It confesses that he could not have taken anything from anyone, for he is God himself, who possesses all things eternally; this is opposed to Christ's teaching that he received all things from his Father, and that the Father is doing His deeds through him.

Moreover, the Christ of the Papacy, who is of the substance of God, could not suffer, die, grow in wisdom and age, could not really hunger, did not cry, is not in our likeness. God the Father recommends to us His beloved Son saying: "This is My beloved Son, hear him!" This is not the Christ of the Papacy, for the true one they will not hear.

For this reason, let us not be drawn away to Antichrist or some other Son of God which is not this one whom God shows us. And may we with confidence believe in the only beloved Son of God whom God the Father has shown us, and in whom His spirit rests, and in whom Himself has forgiven men and women. May we cleave to this only Son, forsaking that whom the Antichrist brought into the church outside of God's Word. 16