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Brethren In Christ



A stirring record of faithful
believers of the Truth
during the 16th and 17th centuries.

A companion volume to "THE PROTESTERS"

Alan Eyre


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Frontispiece(Frontispiece -- Page 2): A portion of the carefully handwritten script of an address, entitled "THE TRUTH DURING THE REFORMATION", given in Adelaide, Australia in the early 1950s, by Bro. George Spiers, a Christadelphian of that city. The material for this address was researched and written up during the 1940's. It begins thus:

"Of necessity I have had to consult many authorities for material for this address, and I will not weary you by enumerating them. Should any brother, however, require the authenticity of any statement, I have the facts tabulated for reference."


It is in fact quite a remarkable docu-ment. There is now no way of knowing what authorities or sources were used, or how Bro. Spiers could have had access to them in Australia. At that time accurate information about the Brethren in Christ was difficult to obtain even in Europe and North America. The limitations of his sources are seen in that he could not identify place or date of the statement of faith he referred to opposite (this is still true with some of them). But it is both surprising and encouraging to realise that this Australian Christadelphian was aware that there were in the 16th century those known merely as "The Brethren" who were "faithful believers of the Truth".

Bro. Spiers would have been delighted to read the selections in this present volume -- indicating that they were even more faithful than he realised so long ago.