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Sixth Edition, 1915
By Dr. John Thomas (first edition written 1861)



Chapter 20

1. The Descending Angel




"And I saw an angel descending from the heaven".


The angel descending from the heaven with the key and chain is the same angel that descends, and illuminates the earth with his glory (ch. 18:1). In this place, he is said to have "great power", which he exerts in causing Babylon to fall; and after this, in laying hold of the fourth Beast of Daniel in his Dragon, Beast, and False Prophet, manifestations: the last two of which he destroys, so that similar political organizations never again appear upon the earth; while the Dragon, in consequence of flesh and blood nature being still the constitution of the subject nations, is only shut up and bound, waiting its opportunity to reassert its independence of the Divine government of the Saints. The Blessed and only Potentate upon the white horse, with the hosts of the heaven, marching at the head of his army, from his capital against the kings of the earth and their forces, is the Apocalyptic angel katabainonta, descending with key and chain to arrest, imprison, and destroy, the powers of the world. He descends "out of the heaven," in which he opened the door, when he set up the throne in Jerusalem. When potentates leave their capitals on warlike expeditions, they are said to descend upon the countries they invade: so with this angel, he descends from the heaven of his habitation and government upon the territories of "the Devil and Satan," to convert them into a lake of fire burning with the brimstone of torment and destruction, inflicted by his terrible and invincible hosts.




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