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Sixth Edition, 1915
By Dr. John Thomas (first edition written 1861)



Chapter 19

9. The Loud Voice




"And the one angel shouted with a loud voice


THIS loud voice of the one angel is one of the voices of the Seventh Vial (ch. 16:18): preparatory to Ephraim being shot forth like lightning from the Judah-bow, in the hand of YAHWEH Elohim. It is the loud voice of the rainbowed angel as of a lion roaring. This had been preceded by a loud voice, announcing in all the midheaven, or "Air", into which the Seventh Vial will be poured, that the Hour of Judgment, so long threatened, had actually arrived (ch. 14:6). This is a voice of peace, and friendship, and good will, to all who shall obey it; but terrible in its consequences to those who shall neglect or reject it. The angel who proclaims this loud voice, or message, to the nations, "flies in midheaven"- in the Apocalyptic "midheaven," which is peopled by Birds of Prey, then ready to take wing when the loud voice of the one angel shall reach them. It is the same angel who makes proclamation in midheaven, that invites the fowls of the midheaven to assemble to the Deity's banquet of slaughtered kings, military offices, chaplains, soldiers of all ranks, and so forth. The angel-proclaimer in both cases is of the Woman, then no longer a down-trodden and afflicted fugitive, but "the Holy City, New Jerusalem, prepared as a Bride, who had been adorned for her husband" (ch. 21:2). The state, the church, and the army of the kingdom are then all in the hands of the saints; who will tolerate no other states, churches, and armies, than their own. The man or people, who will not accept their absolute sovereignty in secular and spiritual affairs must be tormented, and suffered to enjoy no rest day nor night (ch. 14:10,11). They offer peace on condition of unqualified submission; otherwise there is no escape from being devoured by the Birds of Prey.




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