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Sixth Edition, 1915
By Dr. John Thomas (first edition written 1861)



Chapter 19

4. The Time of the Scene




"And I saw the heaven which had been opened."


John directs our attention to "the heaven". If we look to the heaven, or Air, upon which the seventh vial is to be poured out, we can see nothing therein of a character hostile to the Powers that be, at all answering to the scene before us. The reason of this is, that the heaven hath not yet been opened. A few short years ago, the kingdom of Italy was a nonentity, and had no star shining among the constellations of the Gentile Heaven. A breach, however, was made; in other words, "a door was opened in the heaven" by successful war; and we now see the star of the kingdom of Italy for a short time shining among the other lights of the firmament. What was true of the Italian kingdom is also true of the kingdom of Israel and throne of David. These are at present nonentities; for no such kingdom and throne are seen among the kingdoms of the world. It is necessary that "a door be opened in the heaven," and that a Power enter through the breach, and set up its government therein To set up the throne of David in the heaven, Jerusalem, the place of the throne and capital of the Great King, must be wrested from the enemy - from Gog. This, as we have seen, is accomplished after the return of the Ancient of Days, and after his corporeal union with the Bride in Teman; and consequently upon the signal overthrow of the king of the north in the terminal epoch of the sixth vial. This having been transacted, John was able to look back upon the situation, and to say in ch. 4:1,2, "Behold a door had been opened, eneogmene, in the heaven; and a throne was set in the heaven". The throne of David had been re-established, and was occupied by David's Son and Lord; who was now prepared to make war in righteousness upon all the other thrones in the heaven, until he had cast them down, and transferred all their diadems to his own head.

The heaven thus opened is the same referred to in ch. 19:11. In this place he informs us, that the heaven in which he saw the white horse cavalry had been opened. If it had not previously been opened he would not have seen that body of horse therein. Hence, the time of the scene is subsequent to the opening of the heaven, and the appearance of the Lamb with the 144,000 upon Mount Zion, in the terminal epoch of the sixth vial. 




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