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Sixth Edition, 1915
By Dr. John Thomas (first edition written 1861)



Chapter 3


5. I Come Quickly




"Behold, I come, !greek!, tachu quickly," or soon. This does not refer to the "coming in clouds" of i. 7; but to the coming to execute the threatening of the previous verse. "I, the Spirit-man, will come soon to bring the hour of trial upon the whole habitable." In ii. 5, he threatened to come quickly to the Star-Angel of Ephesus, if they did not resume their original position, and take from them the gifts, by which their darkness would become complete. Nor is it the coming quickly, though it may be typical of it, indicated in Apoc. xxii. 12. This has reference to our future, and not to a past time. I conclude thus, because in this text the time of the coming is marked by the bringing of the reward, and giving every man according to his works. Then will be the time for the prostration of all the Satanists and spurious Jews at the feet of the Philadelphians. They will then know that these are the beloved whom they have long despised and abused. If it be a quick, or soon, coming at the fall of Babylon the Great, it was certainly a quick coming at "the hour of trial" in A.D. 248

The Philadelphians were exhorted to "hold fast what they had." They had the word of the kingdom and name. They were to hold fast to this, or, if they did not, they would lose their crown. Every reader can understand this; and he may easily know if he have any claim upon this crown, by examining himself and seeing if he be in the faith. If he be ignorant of the doctrine of the kingdom and name, he has nothing worth holding on to; and, though he may know all mysteries, if he have not been immersed into Christ, he is not in the faith. This is the condition of "the religious world" at this day. In the time of the Philadelphian Star-Angel the christian community, the religious world of that day, had the word of the patient waiting for the Spirit-Man; and was then in a position to hold fast or let go. Many now have a traditional idea that Christ will come again; but of "the word," which teaches how to wait, and how to be accepted of him as holy, unblameable, and without rebuke at his appearing, the clergy and their peoples have not the least conception. They can not therefore "hold fast what the Angel in Philadelphia had;" and consequently have no right or title to the coronal.




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