The Virtuous Woman

1973 Preface

Brother Robert Roberts, the first Editor of The Christadelphian, wrote in his autobiography: "I can see how much God has favoured me in the wife He guided me to, though it is not permitted to a husband to say much in praise of his wife. There are not many women who have a real and spontaneous taste for spiritual things. There are not many men either, but the proportion of women is smaller. It must be this that Solomon refers to when he says, 'One man among a thousand have I found, but a woman among all these have I not found'." (My Days and My Ways.)

Our brother and his wife have long since been laid to rest, but their influence remains. Nearly all the works of Brother Roberts are still obtainable, but "Woman: Married and Unmarried", by Sister Jane Roberts, has been out of print for many years. Sisters who have been able to borrow a copy have naturally felt that they would like to have one of their own. With this in view and also bearing in mind the large number who have not yet read it, it has been decided to reprint it, but under the more euphonious title of "The Virtuous Woman". To bring the subject up to date a new section has been added, dealing with sisters in modern times.

The world is now in a state comparable to the days of Noah, and all of us, brethren and sisters alike, must feel the need for constant watchfulness lest we fall away from the high standard required of us.

We are confident that Christ is at the door. Soon we shall have to stand before him to give an account of our probation. It is our earnest prayer that this publication will be a means of strengthening our sisters, especially those young in the Truth, and assisting them to walk now that they may be approved in the day of our Lord's return.

It has been almost thirty years since this work was first reprinted under the title of "The Virtuous Woman". Think for one moment of the sweeping changes that have occurred in the world since that time-particularly with regard to the "changing role" of women in the world. With this change has come increased pressure on the sisterhood to follow the lead of women in the world. It is important that the sisters, as well as the brothers, assume their ecclesial and family responsibilities as set forth by the Word of God. These articles are designed to encourage you sisters in the Way-therefore it is important that they be made available to all.

May 18, 1973
The Herald Press, Houston, Texas